Courses & Workshops

Courses & Workshops

Our courses last between 2-3 hours

Our courses last between 2-3 hours. In that time we inspire, educate and most importantly get you shooting. No matter if you are a total beginner or a budding Bailey we will push you to be a better you and get you to the next stage in your passion.  We want to get you shooting and chomping to do the next course. We also offer full day workshops that take the passion further and allow greater depth.




  • Keeping your camera happy

The basics: the Happy Camera secret.

We believe you have a fantastic bit of kit that with a little bit of knowledge will get you fantastic results. Let us show you our tried and tested method of keeping your camera happy. Once that is nailed we move on to the visuals and how to release your inner visual explorer.

Course lasts 2 1/2 hours and runs from various locations from 10am or 2pm.
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  • Off camera model shoot. £75 includes (£10 kit hire and £15 model) DATES

Learn to balance light like a ninja. mixing ambient with flash is the holy grail to many so let Alex Macro show you how in a simple, jargon free workshop that will have you up and running in no time. The course includes triggers (Pocket wizard) and various flash heads. You will also get to play with the amazing Magmod modifiers and Fstoppers Flashdisks.

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  • Practical Adobe Lightroom: £60 or £175  for one on one DATES

In true Happy Camera style this is a stripped-back approach to Adobe Lightroom that will not scare you and get you going with this powerful tool. We leave the geek-preaching out of this and show you step by step how to get your pictures ready.

The course covers the basics as well as Selecting, editing a shoot and tweaking the images seamlessly.

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Night School Courses £55
Bite sized courses that concentrate on one element of photography. We get you up to speed and

  • Film School Workshop series from £99

Kodak is back in the film business. The hip kids have abandoned digital in pursuit of the decisive moment and printing is back in vogue. Photography has evolved to a state of composite perfection. We endlessly shoot, layer and use computer trickery but we are over it. The skill of the shot is king and we could not be happier. Alex Macro spent years learning and shoot with film commercially. He will be leading a series of film only courses and workshops.

If you have never shot without chimping, used a Polaroid to convince a client of your idea or waited nervously for a couple of hours to Know you were right then this is the photo wake up call you may have been eating for.

Alex will show you his work, explain the challenges and get you thinking differently. Every frame costs you money and that’s a fantastic way to focus the mind.

The courses are split between studio and location. Alex will also be hiring out his camera collection!


The art of the portrait
Learn how to visualise light, control the moment and get the best out of your model.

Shoot like a legend. Emulate Bayley , Avedon or Webber you choose.


Natural light and how film loves it. The universe provides the source and we shape it to our needs.

The no chimping Streetphotography workshop. Here we learn the cost of looking. Actually looking, development and ideas are free it’s shooting that costs so let’s make each frame count.
As for the cameras – Cameras

Contax G2 with three lenses 45mm and 90mm

Hasselblad CM 500 x2 80mm and 150mm

Pentax 67

Hasselblad Xpan 45mm,90mm

Mamiya RZ 80mm

Twin reflex


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  • Night School Courses £55

Bite sized courses that concentrate on one element of photography. We get you up to speed and shooting. All courses are £55 unless models/props/materials are employed, then there will be extra charges.

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